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This seems like a terrific idea for the UK, and it's not crazy to think that it would have an effect. I've always been surprised to see otherwise liberal and left-wing people in the UK gossiping about who's getting knighted (etc) in their field.

That suggests it might well encourage those nearer the end of their careers. I imagine there's some politicking that would be required, and that often has the side benefit of helping others. Including, perhaps, inventors earlier in their career.

That said, I put down the influence of honors in the UK to their being at an earlier stage of development compared to the US. :) I'm reminded of the Tocqueville quote on the peculiarity of American "civil society": Americans of all ages, conditions, and all dispositions constantly unite together ... Where you see in France the government, and in England a noble Lord, at the head of a great new initiative, in the United States you can count on finding an association.

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Ha! It's interesting to think about how this would work slightly differently in the US, certainly. There are some presidential awards, but I don't think they have quite the same effect.

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The problem with creating a new order of chivalry to promote innovation is that, given the current state of the UK elite, it'll get hijacked to promote wokism instead.

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